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Hi, I’m Jason Duke and welcome to Medical Marijuana Help! I want to share with you a little about me and how Medical Marijuana Help got started.

Years ago I was seriously injured while serving in the military and spent years in recovery and many years in pain. During that time, in addition to non opioid drugs, I was on steady high doses of Roxicet® and OxyContin® and if you’ve taken pain medicine before you know that the doses need to increase because the body adjusts to the meds.

But it all had a price! My overall health was declining, my mental clarity was decreasing, my career was stumbling and most of all my family was suffering from it or should I say from me. It was becoming apparent that the benefits of the prescription medicine were drastically outweighed by the secondary effects it was having on everything else in my life. So, after several years, I stopped taking my pain meds and I needed to find something different so I could be a better husband and father.

Now…let me tell you and believe me…coming off of high doses of OxyContin® is no fun and I would not wish that on anyone!! My withdrawal symptoms consisted of sweating, shaking, cramps, no appetite, vomiting, and fatigue, I’m sure I’ve forgotten a few.

I was introduced to cannabis from a friend and it was a game changer. I wish I would have known about marijuana sooner in my recovery, what a difference it could have made. Back then the public opinion of marijuana had nothing to do with medicine and it was stigmatized by the media. It was seen as nothing more than a narcotic.

However, the more I learned the more I was amazed! This little plant could do wonders and had minimal side effects compared to prescriptions. But finding this information was difficult and reading through research abstracts as not an easy task. So I wanted to create a website where people who are suffering can find accurate information on how marijuana can help them and that has led to the birth of Medical Marijuana Help.

If this is your first time here I would suggest you start with Marijuana Vs. Prescription Drugs: What You Need To Know and after that read 3 Pervasive Lies About Marijuana And The Stunning Truth. This should get you started down the path of knowledge. When you’re ready you can search the plethora of cannabis strains and read some important news.

If you want to stay update on my thought process follow me on Twitter. I have a lot to say about current cannabis news, legalization efforts, and funny marijuana culture. If Twitter is not your style follow me on Facebook, I only post 1-2 times a day there as I don’t want to spam anyone. Finally if you haven’t already sign up for the newsletter, I send one out every 1-2 weeks and I summarize any important news and let you know of any new blog posts before I tell any other social media, you can signup below.

Whatever you are going through or whatever plagues you I wish you luck! I hope you can find compelling information about Medical Marijuana on this site and it helps you.

Jason Duke