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1 Gram of Weed: Everything You Need to Know about Grams

A gram is a standard measurement in terms of weight and represents 1/1000th of a kilogram. It is the norm in terms of shopping for groceries and is also often used in recipes. It is also used to measure out and distribute dry marijuana. It can be confusing to order marijuana from a dispensary, as a first time customer, especially if you have never been a recreational marijuana user. How much should you buy? Below, we will discuss medical cannabis in terms of different quantities available, price and how much a medical user should buy at a time.


A gram is a great place to start when purchasing dried cannabis for the first time. A gram can be split into three smaller quantities for the first time or occasional smoker or can be smoked all at once for a regular smoker. However, it is a large quantity for a singe person to consume in one go.

A standard price for a gram of marijuana is around 10$. Even at a dispensary, buying a specialized strain of marijuana, you should be wary if you are charged more than 15$ for a gram of marijuana. This inexpensive investment is great if you are experimenting and want to see if medical marijuana will indeed relieve your symptoms. A dime bag is a bag of marijuana that sells for 10$. It should usually be around 1 gram of weed, but be careful, as you can get ripped off as the price is for the baggie and there is no guarantee in terms of weight.

So, what does a gram look like? Depending how dense your bud is, a gram of weed will be similar is size to a large date or a prune.

An Eighth

An eighth signifies 1/8 of an ounce. It is equal to 3.5 grams of marijuana. If you are smoking a little bit every day to control or relieve symptoms, an eighth may be the perfect weekly quantity for you and in fact many regular smokers prefer this measurement as it means they don’t have to stock up as often. You will also usually end up catching a bit of a break on price if you buy in eighths instead of grams.

A standard price for an eighth of dried marijuana at a dispensary is between 35-50$. You may end up paying slightly more for specialized and difficult to grow strain of medical cannabis and you may also pay more depending on the time of year. An eighth is the perfect amount if you want to buy product about once a week and consume a small amount of cannabis on a daily basis.

Depending on the density of your product, an eighth of dry marijuana will usually have a diameter similar in size to a small fresh apricot.


A quarter ounce is also a usual and standard size to purchase dried marijuana in. It equals seven grams of marijuana or, two eighths. In this category, you will continue to save on price (like when you buy in bulk and get discounts). A quarter is a great amount of marijuana to purchase if you need to consume a couple of times a day to control symptoms, or, if there are multiple medical cannabis users in your home.

A quarter of marijuana in a medical marijuana dispensary will likely cost between 70 and 90$. Different factors will affect the price, such as seasonality and the strain you have selected. You really should never pay more than 100$ for a quarter, regardless of strain.

As with the other sizes, depending on how tightly packed the product is, a quarter of dried marijuana is about the size of an egg.

Half Ounce

Half an ounce of marijuana is a decent stash of medical cannabis. It is equal to 14 grams, so even if you’re smoking a whole gram a day, this amount of cannabis will last you two weeks. A half ounce is reasonable amount for someone who consumes multiple times a day or wants to create cannabis butter, cannabis oil or cannabis tea with their medical cannabis. It is also a good amount if you have multiple users in one home.

A half ounce will cost you between 120$ and 150$ at a dispensary. At these quantities, you are seeing much higher discounts. Street value of this amount of dried cannabis teeters around 160$.

Depending on density, a half-ounce of marijuana is around the same size in terms of diameter as a rose flower or a brownie.


An ounce of dried marijuana is equal to 28 grams of cannabis. This amount is perfect if you want to experiment with making your own edibles, concentrates, oils or teas with your cannabis. You may even have some left over for smoking! 28 grams of dried medical cannabis will also last a while in a household even one with frequent, multiple consumers.

An ounce of a decent strain of marijuana at a dispensary will usually cost around 200$, with street value of the same amount rounded off around 300$.

An ounce of dried marijuana, depending on the density of the buds is about the size of a pop tart.

Kilos, Pounds & More

This article is meant to be used as a guide for individual medical marijuana consumers. If you are buying in kilos or lbs., please refer to your local dispensary for pricing options. Also, be sure to check state laws regarding how much you can carry on your person or in your vehicle at a time.

If you are just starting out in the medical cannabis realm, 1 gram of weed should be plenty to get you started and to determine whether medical marijuana is the right treatment option for you. If you find that it is effective, we hope that the guide above will assist you in making fiscally responsible choices when selecting the right quantity to buy. Happy smoking!

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