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The 5 Best Weed Pipes on the Market in 2017

When it comes to enjoying cannabis, there are many ways to consume. Eating, vaping, and topical application are all excellent ways to make use of the magical medical wonders of the cannabis plant. Smoking with tobacco, however, remains one of the most popular ways of consuming this amazing herb. Some people like to roll up a joint while others prefer smoking out of a pipe, or smoking pipe. In this article, we will go through different styles of smoking pipe and the pros and cons of each. Subsequently, we will go through our top 5 picks for the best weed pipes in 2017.

So, what is a pipe? A pipe is a smoking device that allows you to smoke the vapor of a plant. This device often involves water, which some people argue help to make it healthier on your lungs as it cools the smoke (although there is no solid evidence for this). Although when you imagine a pipe you may imagine your grandfather’s traditional pipe or a Hookah, there are certain types of pipes that are specifically associated with the consumption of marijuana.

Types of Pipes


bong is also sometimes called a water pipe. This is because water sits in the bottom of the device. When the herb that is being consumed is set alight, the chamber fills with smoke. Another part of the device (commonly called “the choke”) is then removed allowing air to rush into the bong and the user to suck the contents into their lungs.

Most bongs are made from glass. The smoke created from a bong is super smooth. You also don’t need to worry about pieces of herb getting in your mouth. However, most bongs are pricey and a little on the larger side. This makes transport, discreet use and using your device outside the home difficult if not impossible.


Spoon pipes are the most common types of pipe for consuming cannabis. They can be made out of glass, wood, or metal, with glass being a clear favorite as it is easy to clean, it does not transmit or retain heat as easily as metal does and it doesn’t disintegrate or rot with time.

A spoon pipe is also discreet and fairly inexpensive. A herb pipe works in a similar way to a bong, except these is no water in the pipe. Instead of removing the choke to clear the pipe, the user holds his or her finger over a hole in the side of the pipe while they set the herb alight. They then uncover the hole to inhale the smoke from the pipe.


bubbler pipe is the love child of the spoon and the bong. This device is usually made of glass and is small and portable like a spoon pipe. You can also use the bubbler without water for a dry smoke, which adds versatility.

However, like the bong, it is equipped with an extra bubble to contain water. This allows for the filtration benefits that water pipes may offer as well as the smoothness of the smoke.

Although more expensive than a regular spoon pipe, a bubbler pipe is still cheaper than a bong. It also offers versatility and it still discreet and easy to transport.


A bat pipe is also called a one-hitter, named for its ability to provide a quick toke to its users. It’s discreet and comes in many different designs (including many plain cigarette varieties). They are also pretty inexpensive.

Of course, the major downfall of a bat pipe is if you want to consume a larger quantity of cannabis.

Our Fabulous Five

1. BRL MALL Joint 18.8mm Tall Glass Hand Made (Brown)

BRL MALL Joint 18.8mm Tall BRL MALL Joint 18.8mm Tall

This bong is made out of thick and durable glass. Therefore, though you should still handle it with a degree of care, you don’t need to be too concerned with breakage. This bong is hand made and comes in a nice brown color. The intricate chambers of the stem add a unique look and feel. It also feels comfortable in your hands. This attractive piece is not only nice looking but it comes in at an extremely reasonable price and offers a super smooth smoke.

2. Glass Water Bubbler 4.5-Inch Made in the USA (Colorful)

Glass Water Bubbler-

This funky looking bubbler is the ultimate accessory as it offers both a wet and dry smoke option. This item is made by hand and each piece is unique. Some users remarked that the bowl could have been a little larger. Comfortable to hold, easy to clean and doesn’t get hot to the touch with use.

3. Handmade Blue Color 4″ Glass Spoon Piece

Blue Spoon

This beautiful spoon pipe is hand crafted and each piece has its own unique design. Because of this feature, however, some clients were surprised that their pipe design wasn’t the exact same as the one pictured. This spoon piece is also shatterproof, so you don’t need to worry about breaking it during transportation or dropping this pipe. Besides being super pretty, this pipe is light, small, and discreet.

4. Handmade Glass 5″ Translucent Statue Centerpiece Vintage

Handmade Glass 5 Translucent Statue Centerpiece Vintage

These bubbler style pipes are blown by hand, pretty, and unique. This product also comes with a seal of authenticity, guaranteeing that it is genuine. Shatter-proof and sturdy, you don’t need to worry too much about breakage. This bubble is also easy to clean and won’t burn your hands while you use it. The price is unbeatable and another huge draw to these distinctive pieces.

5. USA Handmade Cigarette Holder Pipe 3″

USA Handmade Cigarette Holder Pipe 3

This pretty pipe is super inexpensive. It is not shatterproof so you may need to be a little more careful when handling or cleaning this than some of the other products. The hole in this pipe is a little large, meaning you could probably benefit from a little screen in this pipe. This bat pipe is attractive, portable and easy to clean. It also doesn’t get too hot and offers a super smooth toke.

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