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What Is a Cannabis Card and How Do You Get One?

It is important to understand the current laws surrounding marijuana. In many American states as well as in Canada, marijuana has been decriminalized. This means that if you are caught with marijuana for personal use, you will not be charged and you will not get a criminal record.

A handful of countries in South America, as well as several states in the USA have made the decision to legalize marijuana. The difference here is that marijuana is completely fine to possess, smoke and grow for personal use. The law applies to both medical marijuana and marijuana for recreational use.

Almost all states as well as Canada have allowances for medical marijuana. This is fantastic because cannabis has been shown to have marvelous and important medical benefits with no risk of overdose or addiction. In these areas, you can usually be prescribed medical marijuana by a doctor or purchase medical marijuana at a Canna Clinic using your Cannabis card.

The medical magic of marijuana has been further explored and in the past decade has become widely accepted. From managing pain to sleep and mood disorders and even to treat seizures, marijuana seems to offer relief. Medical marijuana can also be used to encourage appetite, treating anorexia and preventing wasting in AIDS patients and cancer patients receiving chemotherapy. A fair assumption would be that marijuana has further benefits not yet discovered and that one-day, pharmaceutical companies will make proper use of the findings on medical marijuana instead of dismissing them.

Now you might be wondering what a Cannabis card is. What do you need to qualify for this card and how do you get one yourself? Well, let’s take a look.

You can think of a Cannabis card as basically an ongoing prescription or license to buy pot at a medical marijuana dispensary. All medical marijuana dispensaries, even in areas where marijuana has been decriminalized require a recommendation to sell you marijuana.

The first way to get a medical marijuana card is exactly what you think it is- ask your doctor. The problem with this method however, is that many doctor won’t give out a recommendation for marijuana to anyone. This isn’t fair because anyone who needs medical marijuana should have access to it. However, many physicians won’t do it for a variety of reasons. Firstly, a doctor can’t “prescribe” marijuana in the USA because, technically it is illegal under federal law. Yes, states have been given independence to sanction their own laws regarding marijuana, but the federal government could reverse that decision if they really wanted to. So your physician may feel he is walking a weird line when it comes to writing you a recommendation. Secondly, your doctor may be conservative in his thinking and inclined to believe that people shouldn’t have access to medical marijuana. Thirdly and sadly, most cynically, in many cases a patient using medical marijuana to manage a condition can mean less profit for a doctor. If you are managing your symptoms with medical marijuana, you are probably not visiting a doctor as often, meaning less revenue for your doctor. Even if you are covered by insurance, your doctor still profits when you visit him, as he charges the insurance company that you pay into. It also means that likely you are replacing prescription medication with medical marijuana, meaning less money in big pharma’s pocket. In any case, it can’t hurt to consult with your physician first.

The second way to get a medical marijuana card is to be assessed by a healthcare professional other than your doctor. In many cases, this person may work at a medical marijuana dispensary. At the Canna Clinic in Canada, a chain of medical marijuana dispensaries, healthcare professionals are employed and offer consultations 7 days a week. What you need to do to be assessed is sign the Code of Conduct and bring in a piece of valid government I.D. It is also helpful if you bring proof of the condition you are suffering from. This means that if you are trying to gain access to medical marijuana, you bring in prescriptions for pain meds or receipts for massages or chiropractic appointments to show evidence that you are indeed suffering from this condition. No need to worry if you don’t have any evidence, these healthcare professionals will assess your condition there to confirm that you are indeed in need of access to medical marijuana. Most medical marijuana dispensaries will have some sort of system like this in place, where new members can be assessed on the spot. In the US, there are also medical evaluation centers dedicated to assessing and prescribing medical marijuana to new patients. Most of these centers do charge and do not accept insurance, but their prices are reasonable.

It is also possible to get a medical marijuana card online, but beware: out of the options listed here, this is the most likely option to cost you money. A doctor won’t charge you for a medical marijuana recommendation and a healthcare professional at a medical dispensary won’t charge you to be assessed. As with most things, it is also easier to be scammed online, essentially paying for nothing.

In conclusion, anyone who requires medical marijuana to manage a condition should have access to it, but many people may not know how to go about it. The best course of option is to give your doctor the benefit of the doubt and hope that he is progressive enough to recognize that medical marijuana could legitimately help you. If he snubs you, don’t lose hope. Most medical marijuana dispensaries have trained and dedicated healthcare professionals onsite to assess your condition and your need for the plant. If your local dispensary doesn’t, there is sure to be a medical evaluation center near by. You can also take your chances online if you so choose. Medical marijuana is a fantastic option that is virtually free of side effects and doesn’t cause dependence. We recommend that it be your first choice and that you don’t consider it a last resort.

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