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Cannabis Wine: Everything You Need to Know

Now when we think of the cannabis industry and the wine industry, we usually associate the two with completely different feelings. Recreational marijuana can make you feel light, worry-free and very relaxed while wine and alcohol rids you of your inhibitions and you may feel slightly out of control.

Lately, it seems that every day there is a new method of consumption for marijuana coming to light, through wine and weed. You may have heard the word cannabis wine, or weed wine, on the tip of everyone’s tongue. This may sound to you like the ultimate in relaxing experiences. So, now you might be wondering what is it and what is all the fuss about.

What Is It?

In short, weed wine is exactly what it sounds like. It is a blend of grapes, crushed and fermented to create alcohol content. The wine is also enriched with several cannabinoids, namely CBD. Other popular cannabinoids, including THC, can actually have some pretty nasty effects if mixed with alcohol (as anyone who has ever experienced the dreaded spins will tell you). This is because THC consumed with alcohol can drastically increase the THC levels in your blood, which makes you feel awful.

In addition, as THC can increase anxiety or make users tired (high THC strains are often used to promote a good nights sleep) and wine/alcohol can also promote these types of side effects, it is best to use a high CBD hybrid strain of marijuana to create this relaxing elixir.

How Can I Make Cannabis Wine?

To make cannabis wine at home, you will need a regular winemaking kit, unless you have access to a vineyard and real wine making equipment.

Follow the instructions for the kit. However, before you cork the bottle for fermentation, you should add about 1 lb of cannabis into the mix. As the sugar creates alcohol, the alcohol will extract cannabinoids from the cannabis in the wine. This is the same process by which Rick Simpson oil is created; alcohol is often used to extract THC from marijuana plants.

Another method is to make wine and, at about the halfway point during fermentation, add in cannabis that has been heated to activate the cannabinoids.

Buying Cannabis Wine

As of the time this article was written, winemakers in California have started producing and selling cannabis wine. However, it is currently only available to those who have a medical marijuana license. Even in places where marijuana is totally legal—whether for medical or recreational purposes—the fact that canna wine mixes alcohol and marijuana muddies the legal waters. Therefore, for now, you need a medical marijuana license, which you can get at most dispensaries or at a medical marijuana evaluation center.

The cost of this sweet nectar may also deter you from buying it. Because it’s made in relatively small batches at the moment and the cost of both production and ingredients is high, a single bottle of canna wine will currently set you back between $100 and $400.

People who have enjoyed cannabis infused wine say that the flavor is good. Indeed, it appears that the drink has essentially the taste of a regular wine, but finishes with a herbal prickle in the back of the throat. Cannabis can be combined with bold reds or sweet whites.

Some Cannabis Wine Creators to Look out For


This cannabis winery was born in 2010 out of an interest in exploring both the medicinal properties of marijuana and the therapeutic effects of wine. This winery uses primarily high CBD strains to create their product. The benefit of this? You will be able to enjoy the relaxing effects of marijuana without the intoxicating or psychoactive effect of THC. This is especially important considering that alcohol can intensify and magnify the effects of THC on the mind.

Canna Wine

Rebel Coast Winery

This fun, young winery is based out of Sonoma wine country. They make 4 different wines including a cannabis infused sauvignon blanc. The process here is slightly different than in some other cannabis wineries. The cannabis is decarboxylase and then added into the half fermented wine. Essentially, this ensures that any THC is activated. The marijuana wine has a strong smell of marijuana without necessarily a strong flavor. The finish on this wine is clean and crisp.

Rebel Coast Winery

Mary Jane Wines

This beverage company does not make only cannabis-infused wines. They have delved into a variety of cannabis-fortified beverages including cold brew coffee and non-alcoholic grape juice. Although they are waiting for licensing, this company has big plans to create both red and white table wines. The unique, single serve containers are beautiful in themselves. This company strives to continue to research the medicinal properties of grapes and of hemp/marijuana itself and how they work in combination with one another.

Both used throughout history for their medicinal properties, as well as their ability to simply make people feel good, the combination of wine and marijuana seems a natural one. Although currently the price and the complicated legalities required to produce and sell cannabis wine may put it slightly out of reach for many of us currently, it is very interesting to observe as this industry develops.

When consuming cannabis wine, not only will you benefit from longer lasting effects of the marijuana, as is classic when consuming marijuana orally but you also won’t need to worry about any damage being done to your lungs by smoking.

It is important, however, to remember that mixing alcohol and marijuana can be dangerous if done improperly. Know how your body reacts to marijuana and keep in mind that the effects of THC are magnified by alcohol. Also, keep this in mind if you are looking to home make your own cannabis wine. Select a well balanced of high CBD strain of cannabis for the best effect.

Have you tried a cannabis wine? What was your experience? Let us know in the comments below!

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