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Marijuana Detox: 3 Quickest Ways to Get THC out of Your System

There are quite a few reasons that you may want to get THC out of your body but the most likely is that you are facing the prospect of a marijuana drug test. You can be subjected to drug tests as a condition of your probation, as a condition of playing varsity sports and also as a condition of employment and so a quick THC detox, such as a detox drink, is vital. Employers may require you to pass a pre-employment drug test, periodic drug tests as well as random marijuana drug test (or any drug test for that matter). You may also be required to take a drug test if you have been involved in an accident at work.

Drug tests can be performed in a multitude of ways including:

Urine Sample: The screener will collect a jar of urine and test it for the presence of metabolites in the subject’s body. Depending on the drug, these metabolites may stay in the body for a longer or shorter period of time after use, which can be a downfall of the urine drug test. As an example, urine drug tests are rarely used to test for alcohol because alcohol will not show up in urine after mere days.

Breathe Sample: The most common example of using a breath test is to determine the blood alcohol levels of a person. The cons of a breathalyzer are that it can only be used to determine current levels of intoxication and cannot be used to determine previous use. It is also primarily used to test for alcohol.

Hair: A hair drug test is usually the one you need to worry about in terms of THC in the body. A hair drug test can detect the presence of THC in the hair follicle up to 90 days after use. Hair drug tests are also difficult to cheat and are less of an invasion than other methods of testing, making it a popular choice in the workplace. Both hairs from your head and hair from your body may be used for this test. Although a thorough shave might seem like the perfect way to prevent failing this test, beware: Many employers may consider showing up with a freshly shaved head on the day of your drug test and automatic fail.

There are other ways to test conclusively for drug metabolites in the system; however, they often are not used as readily as hair, breath, and urine sample because they are more invasive (drawing blood for instance).

A drug test is testing for a variety of drugs including cocaine, amphetamines, marijuana, opiates and PCP. For the marijuana portion, the drug test is testing for the presence of the cannabinoid THC. THC has lots of medical benefits, including helping you sleep and spurring your appetite. The metabolite (or drug residue) left behind by THC has the scientific name 11-Nor-9-carboxy-THC. This metabolite is stored in your fat cells. This is why a test can detect THC for long periods of time, as the metabolite is slowly released into the blood stream.

THC can show up on a hair follicle test for up to 90 days (that’s three months).The length of time it remains in your system depends largely on how much and how often you consume. You can insist that the lab technician cut only the 1.5-inch strand required otherwise, your test may detect even older drug use. Below we give you advice on how to get THC out of your system as soon as possible for a drug test:

1. Abstinence

We hate to say it but, unfortunately, abstaining from using cannabis and other drugs when you have an impending drug test is the safest and surest way to ensure that your drug test comes back negatively. This is the best way to ensure you pass a regularly scheduled drug test. You can also naturally speed up your detox by taking on  THC detox drinks or just drinking plenty of fluids, exercising a lot and eating healthy, fiber rich food to help rid your body of THC more effectively. However, doing this may leave you suffering from certain withdrawal symptoms.

2. Detox Shampoos

If you know you are going to be subjected to a hair follicle test and you don’t have much time to abstain from marijuana, you may want to try a detox shampoo. Make sure you read reviews to help you select the right one. Different detox shampoo claim to be able to get inside the hair follicle to erase any trace of drug metabolites. The bad news? If these shampoos work the way they claim to, you are going to seriously damage your strands, as you’re dosing the inside of your hair with a heavy chemical load. Also, be aware that any new growth will contain the drug metabolite, even if this shampoo works.

3. Internal Drug Flush

There are many marijuana detox drinks, flush detox products, and other detox kits that you can try out to help remove any toxins. Many of them depend on the magic of cleansing plants or boosting certain organs that are essential to the cleansing. Which one you select will largely depend on how much time you have before the drug test. There are week-long kits, month-long kits and even those that claim to be able to cleanse your system in mere hours. The downside to these systems is that they are often expensive. Some of these flush detox products will put their money where their mouth is and include drug test strips, so you can test yourself before you are tested at work.

In conclusion, THC creates a metabolite that takes a long time to get rid since it hides in your fat cells. The surest way to rid your body from THC is to abstain from using marijuana leading up to your test. You can help clear metabolites more quickly by drinking lots of water, sweating it out and ensuring your body is functioning at its top capacity. If time prevents your from letting your body detox naturally, then trying out a detox kit or shampoo specially made for drug detoxes is your next best bet. Be sure to do your research to select tried and tested products that really create results. Have you used a kit to detox from marijuana? What was your go-to brand? Tell us in the comments below!

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