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Marijuana Tea Benefits, Effects and Dosage

With the rise of legalized or decriminalized marijuana, many new cannabis infused products are announcing themselves on the market. From gummy bears and cookies, to cannabis oils and flavored vape juices, the possibilities are endless.

Marijuana tea has been consumed long before people started smoking marijuana. For many medical marijuana users, tea is the preferred marijuana vessel. This is because it has a variety of benefits, both in terms of health and socially.

This article will provide instructions on how to make marijuana tea as well as highlight the many benefits of cannabis tea its potential effects and the dosage.

A General How-To on Herbal Tea

Although there are many pre-made marijuana tea bags as well as iced teas available. It is easy to make your own cannabis tea. All you need is some marijuana, a few teabags (peppermint tea or green tea work nicely and have added health benefits), an oil of some kind (butter works fine but we prefer coconut oil) and some boiling water. You should mix the fat and cannabis together before making the tea and allow it to sit. The fat helps extract the THC from the marijuana. After this, boil the water in a saucepan, add your mixture and your teabags. You can flavor it as desired later with milk and honey.

marijuana tea with added milk


When making marijuana tea, it is always important to consider what ailment you are trying to treat so that you can pick the right strain from the marijuana plant and to know the difference between THC and CBD as this will drastically alter the effects of cannabis. THC is difficult to extract, but may be important for treating chronic pain, while CBD won’t get you “high” but is effective in treating conditions such as anxiety and also has anti psychotic properties. Both THC and CBD are an active ingredient in medical cannabis but do radically different things.

The Good

Drinking marijuana tea can have some amazing health effects. In the how to above, we mixed the tea with other high quality products with superfood effects, such as coconut oil and green tea. The following are the top 5 benefits of drinking marijuana tea.

1. Slow It Down

When you consume cannabis tea instead of smoking marijuana, it takes the liver way longer to process it. It may take a little longer to feel the effects, but they will be gentler and much longer lasting. So for instance, if you are consuming medical marijuana to help treat pain, drinking tea instead of smoking will lengthen the time that you are able to benefit from the positive effects of the marijuana.

Cannabis Tea


Of course, this also means that you should wait way longer before driving or operating machinery after taking your medicine.

2. Healthier Way of Getting Your Medicine

Although consuming  marijuana has a plethora of health benefits, the process of smoking is in itself unhealthy. Although marijuana contains none of the harmful chemicals that cigarettes too (as long as you’re not mixing it with tobacco of course), the sequence of setting anything on fire and inhaling it to your lungs is not great for them.

marijuana tea mixture


With marijuana tea, you can get all the benefits that cannabis has to offer without damaging your lungs. Of course, there is the added benefit of being able to add whatever other healthful ingredients you choose to your tea.

3. Effective in Treating Symptoms from Chronic Disease

Drinking cannabis tea is effective in controlling pain. It is also way less harmful  to your body than consuming prescription drugs for an extended period of time. Cancer patients as well as multiple sclerosis and arthritis patients can achieve longer term relief of their painful symptoms and it can also help soothe anxieties that accompany disease.

Marijuana Tea Helps Soothe Anxieties


Cannabis can also stimulates the appetite and controls nausea, allowing people under going treatments that typically make people unable to eat, such as chemotherapy, to consume food and stay stronger. In some cultures, marijuana tea is also used to treat the nausea associated with morning sickness.

4. Decreased Stigma

Although it has vastly improved, there is still a drug stigma associated with marijuana use. Some people may be using medical marijuana to treat a chronic condition but don’t wish to smoke cannabis in front of children or judgmental friends. Marijuana tea has the benefit of enjoying a more socially acceptable appearance than sparking up a joint at the playground.

5. More Gentle

Consuming marijuana provides users with a milder version of the effects felt by smoking cannabis. The effects are longer lasting but more pleasant, especially if an individual is particularly sensitive to them. This allows patients to treat their conditions while remaining productive and feeling in control.

More Gentle


For medical marijuana users who want to experiment with cannabis tea at home, the dosage is individual. As with anything, you should start small to determine your tolerance and go up from there. Especially if you have never consumed at all, it is important to start at a small dose. If you are unsure, a staff member at a medical marijuana dispensary may be able to help you determine what dose to start at and the maximum dosage that you should consume. As with many substances, some people may be more or less tolerant and factors such as size and level of physical fitness can affect how your body processes the marijuana.

For centuries, people have been consuming cannabis for its interesting medical properties and its versatility as a natural treatment option. Marijuana tea tastes nice, helps you to relax and is comforting. It also stimulates the appetite as well s soothing a nauseous stomach. Cannabis tea will generally serve a more socially acceptable vessel than smoking as well as being a healthier option. Its effects are generally a little milder. Its effects also last longer due to the way it is processed in the body.

These are just a few of the amazing benefits that marijuana tea can offer. Hopefully, as time goes on and the use of marijuana becomes less stigmatized and more legally accepted worldwide, we can explore more of the valuable uses and aids that marijuana has to bestow on us.

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