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Edibles offer alternatives to smoking medical marijuana

By Grant D. Crawford gcrawford@tahlequahdailypress.com on March 30, 2019
Image By Daily Press

The cannabis industry is starting to bloom in Oklahoma, and more and more dispensaries are opening up shop in the state.

While the people of Oklahoma voted to legalize marijuana for medicinal purposes, people are still learning about the various ways it can be used. The effects of smoking marijuana have long been researched and discussed, but the effects of digesting it are not as commonly known among new and old users.

These days, cannabis edibles can take the shape of just about anything. Dispensaries carry products like marijuana cookies, chocolates, suckers, gummy products, beverages and many more. For those that don’t want to smoke cannabis but would like to experience the health benefits that accompany it, edibles might be the preferred direction.

“Some people have really sensitive stomachs and one little bite off of a brownie will completely do it for them,” said Parker Riseman, from Minerva Canna in Tahlequah. “Some people find edibles to be a little more convenient than smoking.”

For discreet purposes, someone might like to use edibles to avoid smelling like smoke. Riseman said some people use it to microdose, which doesn’t usually give someone a psychoactive effect.

“The cannabinoid system is basically a system that is spread throughout your entire body,” said Riseman. “You have these receptors in your head, your shoulder, your arms, your legs, your feet; they’re all over your body. They’re not activated until you get that THC into your body. Once it’s activated, it’s like a pain relief and a psychoactive effect all in one.”

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