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Walgreens Will Sell CBD Products in 1500 Stores

By Jason Duke on March 28, 2019
Image credit by JeepersMedia

Walgreens has announced it will sell an array of products containing CBD in 1500 stores. This right on the heels of CVS announcing it will sell products containing CBD in 800 stores.

Walgreens will offer these products in these nine states: Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, New Mexico, Oregon, Tennessee, South Carolina, and Vermont. These states have legalized medical cannabis sales and now that these dominate brands are jumping into the cannabis business, I’m sure more states will seriously look at their own programs.

The stores will carry CBD infused creams, sprays and patches but they did not offer any clues on which brands they will carry.

CBD is one of the main cannabinoids found in marijuana and the other main one being THC. Unlike THC you will not have get the “high” feeling from CBD. It is one of the most studied cannabis compounds and has a wide range of potential benefits.

The moves by Walgreens and CVS are a significant step forward and will put pressure on other states to open up to medical marijuana. I have talked about the ‘greener economy’ that states with progressive marijuana laws enjoy and these 9 states are about to get a significant boost.

I’m excited about this news and will stay on top of it as it unfolds. To peek into my active thought process and see what I have to say about marijuana follow me on Twitter.