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Can I Buy Marijuana Online for Medicinal Purposes?

In an era where the consumption of marijuana—both medical marijuana and recreational marijuana—has become way less stigmatized, cannabis is more accessible to us than ever. Besides drug dealers and home grows, people also have the option to visit a medical marijuana dispensary. Although healthcare professionals assess patients, a prescription for medical marijuana is not particularly difficult to come by and the Federal Government has relaxed the laws somewhat.

Another industry that is currently booming is the web world. Gone are the days of going out and shopping for items. You can now have anything, including alcohol, flat screen TVs and groceries delivered right to your door. So, is it possible to find mail order cannabis and legally buy marijuana online?

The answer to this question is complicated. People assume that because you can currently find dispensaries on every street corner in any big city means that marijuana has been legalized. This is, in fact, true in only a couple of places. For the majority of states and all of Canada, medical marijuana is legal but marijuana for recreational use has simply been decriminalized. This simply means that if you get caught with it for personal use, you won’t get a criminal record. Although police routinely shut down dispensaries that bend the rules (for example, in Ontario dispensaries can’t legally sell edibles), in general police and drug enforcement administrators simply have bigger, more dangerous fish to fry.

Although there are online dispensaries, they are not necessarily legal. Most online dispensaries have a system in place to verify age but are less pedant about buyers having a prescription. Again, this is not legal, but chances are, law enforcement simply has more important matters to deal with and don’t seem to make busting dispensaries—online or not—a priority since the government has taken a pretty lax stance on marijuana use in most places. It is also easy to see how a fake ID could be used to purchase marijuana online. To an even greater extent than physical medical marijuana dispensaries, online dispensaries remain largely ignored by law enforcement.

This is because many of them operate out of a plain old office. Their business neighbors may not even realize that one of these offices is, in fact, a dispensary. Most of these mail services ship directly through federal post, which also makes it complicated to seize since it is illegal unless under suspicion of a threat to national security to seize someone’s mail. Thus, it is extremely difficult for law enforcement to legally seize and search packages, making a “bust” next to impossible.

There are many benefits to using an online medical marijuana dispensary. The first is privacy. Although cannabis dispensaries will protect your medical records, there’s always a chance that someone could spot you entering or leaving one. With pot from an online dispensary, your product gets sent in a scentless, vacuum-sealed package directly to your door.

There is also a chance that, if you are very sick or in a lot of pain, you won’t be able to leave your home to fill a prescription for medical marijuana. An online home-delivery service solves that problem, as well.

Finally, online dispensaries offer a lot more choice. Although a physical dispensary is great, online dispensaries put all the selection of pot products in the country at your fingertips. Also, as they are even less heavily scrutinized than a physical dispensary, patients may be able to purchase products such as teas and candies now unavailable in dispensaries, online.

Of course, there are certain guidelines to follow when purchasing a product from an online dispensary. Although most are common sense, the implications if these suggestions are ignored can be serious.

Firstly, when we talk about purchasing marijuana online, we are talking about an online dispensary. Never buy marijuana from a stranger or from someone you meet in a chat room or forum. You are likely buying subpar products from a drug dealer in this situation. There’s also a huge probability that you will send money and receive nothing in return. You also don’t want some random lunatic showing up at your door.

Secondly, don’t try to order marijuana if it is illegal in the State you live in. Just move. Just because you purchased marijuana from California doesn’t mean you won’t be arrested when it’s delivered to your door in Alabama. Also, remember that if you live in a state where marijuana is illegal and you order online from a Canadian dispensary, your package will likely be flagged by customs. Use your judgment to avoid getting yourself into serious trouble.

Always make sure that you are shopping from a legitimate, secure site. To ensure a site is secure, you can just look at the address bar. There should be a little lock at the end of the URL. Also, a secure site may start with https: as opposed to http:. You should make sure any site you give information to is secure, but it is especially important when you may be sharing medical information and even more so when the product you are purchasing currently resides in a legal gray area in most places.

To conclude, you may absolutely purchase medical cannabis online. Although not necessarily truly legal, the chances you will get caught are slim and, even if you do, you may not get in much trouble. Law enforcement has made it clear that medical marijuana dispensaries are not their priority (and it shouldn’t be) and there are certain logistics that make buying from an online dispensary even more difficult to track. Always make sure that you are buying from a legitimate dispensary with a secure site and that you are not trying to order marijuana online to a region where pot is, in fact, illegal. Also, don’t try to ship it through customs. Exercise common sense and online dispensaries can be fantastic tools for anyone who uses medical marijuana to medicate.

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As a disabled veteran I have been through years of therapy and treatment and I have seen the toll prescription pain medications can take on you and your family. Now years later and an advocate for Medical Marijuana I'm the founder of a website dedicated to providing accurate information on Medical Marijuana uses, the laws, and the strains. I'm a firm believer that marijuana can help millions of people and deserves its proper place in mainstream medicine.