The 5 Best Weed Pipes on the Market in 2017

When it comes to enjoying cannabis, there are many ways to consume. Eating, vaping, and topical application are all excellent ways to make use of the magical medical wonders of the cannabis plant. Smoking with tobacco, however, remains one of the most popular ways of consuming this amazing herb. Some people like to roll up a joint […]

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Cannabis Wine: Everything You Need to Know

Now when we think of the cannabis industry and the wine industry, we usually associate the two with completely different feelings. Recreational marijuana can make you feel light, worry-free and very relaxed while wine and alcohol rids you of your inhibitions and you may feel slightly out of control. Lately, it seems that every day […]

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Indoor Marijuana Grow Kit Options Explained

As with any produce, there are a variety of benefits associated with growing your very own medical cannabis. When you grow cannabis yourself, you get to pick the strain you like, control any pesticides are used and growing your own pot can prove way cheaper than purchasing it from a medical marijuana dispensary. However, like with […]

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Weed Strains for Anxiety

In recent years, anxiety disorders have become the talk of the town in the mental health community. Everyone experiences occasional jitters or nervousness before a big event, but it seems that this generation is particularly susceptible to abnormal levels of both generalized and social anxiety as well as panic attacks. Anxiety disorders in fact affect […]

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